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    SubjectRe: MO trouble (2048 bytes/sector)
    > kernel: sdb: Write Protect is off 
    > kernel: sdb: sdb1
    > kernel: ll_rw_block: device 08:10: only 2048-char blocks implemented (1024)

    What partition types do you have supported. Some of the weird ones are not
    fixed yet

    > kernel: extra data not valid Current error sd08:11: sense key Hardware Error
    > kernel: Additional sense indicates Positioning error detected by read of medium

    Dud disk

    > kernel: Additional sense indicates Write error - auto reallocation failed
    > kernel: scsidisk I/O error: dev 08:11, sector 1229080
    > I suspect a bad disk, except for the ll_rw_block error. Maybe I should

    The ll_rw_block error is a real error of some kind - probably some strange
    partitioning code options you have enabled. Do let me know which ones are
    in your .config. The rest of the errors are a dud disk

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