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SubjectRe: APM-Bios: No poweroff on Gigabyte m/b w/ Suspend to disk in BIOS

> Hi everybody!
> I have a problem long since with APM support, in particular with
> power-off function:
> The computer is an Pentium i586 MMX-233/66, with a motherboard
> Gigabyte GA-586-ATX (chipset Intel TX).
> When I bought it, installed Linux and it was able to power-off the
> machine when halting the system (APM support compiled in the kernel).
> But then, since I had problems with the board due to the installation of
> more RAM, I had to flash-upgrade the BIOS (several times through the
> year). With one of these upgrades and with newer versions of the BIOS it
> never powered-off when halting again (but with M$ Windoze it still does!
> I discovered the problem was in the BIOS, since flash-downgrading
> it to previous versions, it worked again. The cause: the manufacturers of
> the BIOS (it is AWARD, modified by Gigabyte) had included a 'feature'
> the new version: "Suspend to Disk". Supposedly, this means that when
> suspending the computer, the contents of the main memory and registers of
> the CPU will be stored in the hard disk, in a part created ad hoc, and
> then, it will power-off. Next time you power-up the computer, it will
> resume the previous state of execution by reading the contents of the
> into main memory & CPU's registers.

On my CTX EzBook with Phoenix APM BIOS, with suspend to disk, I had to
create the partition with an included utility before it would work. This
may seem like a dumb question, but does the documentation mention something

Matthew D. Pitts

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