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SubjectRe: New snapshot of modutils
Bjorn Ekwall wrote:
> Here is part of the TODO-file:
> - Upgrade modprobe and depmod with things that happened since modutils-2.1.23
> - Verify that the current patches didn't break too much...
> - Prepare for merging modprobe with insmod (too much duplication right now)
> - Cleaner handling of multiple invocations of insmod
> - Collect and merge more patches

What is the situation re persistent data?

There was one attempt to provide a built-in database service for a
to write items at unload time and reload at load time. Or one can
post-install and pre-remove for doing this but we do not have a standard
recommened way for this. We probably need a standard
format that one can read/write to maintain continuity of service for
the module.

I assume here that I do want the module to be unloaded/loaded and
not lose any settings (that maybe my post-install used, or my
thus allowing transparent unload/reload, so idle-unloads carry far
less risk.

Eyal Lebedinsky (

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