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    SubjectRe: [SPAM] The New Bible of Dating!! (x11) (fwd)
    Followup to:  <>
    By author: Alex Buell <>
    In newsgroup:
    > On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Gerhard Mack wrote:
    > > Windows machines with 1080 open and/or 23 that answers with "wingate>"
    > > It's seems a lot of spammers are using somone else's to do their
    > > nasties.
    > Ah, that explains all the 1080 connects I've been seeing in my logs
    > whenever I log onto the internet. Looks like these dickheads are port
    > scanning machines for the wingate hole. =)

    1080 is usually the SOCKS port - do Windows machines speak SOCKS, or
    is this some kind of (broken) firewall package?


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    are, and will be, large numbers of applications available for it."
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