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SubjectRe: rmdir of one's pwd (was Re: rmdir of a busy directory)
Matthias Urlichs wrote the following:
> Ralf Corsepius <> writes:
> >
> > This fragment relies on rmdir(1) failing when $file contains "."- So the
> > actual problem is gcc/fixincludes requiring "rmdir $LIB/." to fail (Of
> > cause this can easily be worked around by modifying fixincludes, but is a
> > different topic).
> >
> So get it fixed. Replacing "find ." with "find *" should work nicely.

Unless, ofcourse, you also want to 'find' through any hidden
files and dirs in that directory, or, that directory is so
large that it wont fit in any of the buffers it would have to.

(I've had the problem in the past where grep blah * would fail
cos there were jsut too many files in the current dir)

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