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    SubjectRe: Interrupts not being raised.
    From said:
    > I have been able to confirm that our PCI card thinks that it is
    > raising an interrupt, but the interrupt routine never gets called. In
    > addition, checking /proc/interrupts shows

    I have a similar situation. We don't build the card, but we are reliably
    informed that the card shouldn't need any strange magic to persuade it to
    generate interrupts. I didn't believe them until I saw your message, and now
    I'm not so sure.

    If I initialise the card under NT and soft-reboot into Linux, then I get
    interrupts from it. Otherwise I have to make it share interrupts with
    the network card, and flood ping something to get my drivers to work :)

    Adding an 'enable_irq(irq)' after registering the IRQ provokes the kernel into
    saying "enable_irq() unbalanced from 00000009", but doesn't actually make it

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