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SubjectRe: lots of 'try_to_unuse' at shutdown
David Mansfield <> writes:

> I got gobs of these messeges flitting by an instant before rebooting
> during shutdown of vanilla 2.2.1 to boot 2.2.2-pre2. I also got them
> shutting down 2.2.0 as I recall. What I managed to scribble onto my
> credit card bill was:
> try_to_unuse: 8d000 count=1
> System was 2.2.1 UP on a PPro 200, gcc2.7.2.3 compiled. The system had
> been 'generally' used including some heavy mem thrashing tests, make -j's,
> knfsd, bonnie and lots of soundblaster stuff, just to narrow things down -
> NOT.

Same here with 2.2.0ac1 on a P-166MMX w/ RedHat 5.2 (no specific
upgrades from the Documentation/Changes file).

Also, it doesn't happen on a regular basis - just from time to time.

Alexander L. Belikoff
Bloomberg L.P. / BFM Financial Research Ltd.,

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