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SubjectRe: nls problems
Bradley Baetz writes:

> I don't know about 2.2.1, but in 2.2.2-pre2, make modules does not
> depend on include/config/MARKER.

Doh! Excellent spotting.

I'll just set CONFIG_BROWN_PAPER_BAG=y for a while.

Could you try out the following trivial patch and let me know if it
works for you. I suspect you have the same lines in your own Makefile
already but I like to be conservative about testing.

(Note that the kernel/module interface is configuration-sensitive, and
there is nothing in the Makefiles that makes the user rebuild both of
them when they rebuild either one. Over in the Dancing Makefiles,
I'm going to try merging 'make modules' into 'make vmlinux').

Michael Elizabeth Chastain
"love without fear"


diff -u -r -N linux-ref/Makefile linux/Makefile
--- linux-ref/Makefile Sat Feb 6 09:51:03 1999
+++ linux/Makefile Wed Feb 10 18:31:26 1999
@@ -295,6 +295,8 @@

modules: $(patsubst %, _mod_%, $(SUBDIRS))

+modules: include/config/MARKER
$(patsubst %, _mod_%, $(SUBDIRS)) : include/linux/version.h
$(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _mod_%, %, $@) CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS) $(MODFLAGS)" MAKING_MODULES=1 modules

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