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SubjectRe: [patch] SMP fixes 2.2.1
My Intel Orion (quad P6) does this.  But I notice that on a normal cold
boot, it pops thru the POST and jumps into the buslogic bios to do the
normal SCSI stuff. On a warm reboot, just where it would jump to the
BUSLOGIC stuff, the screen 'blinks' ever so slightly and it hangs. I
had written this off as a buslogic issue. My quad xeon never does this.

But maybe it isn't a buslogic 'thing' at all...

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On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Mark-Andre Hopf wrote:

> > > Well, my Intel Neptune board with dual P120 doesn't reboot
> > > with 2.2, but it did reboot with Linux 2.0 (according to
> > > the previous owner).
> >
> > Ditto mine with a dual P90 - specifically if I say "noapic" it can reboot
> > if I let it run APIC mode it cannot. It appears to be a BIOS problem.
> I agree with the BIOS theory. My computer (IBM dual PPro-180) lights a LED
> during POST and this is where it hangs when I try to reboot.
> Furthermore, two other LEDs show that the AP processor is stopped and the
> boot processor is active.
> Mark
> P.S.
> It's a pity I can't verify this with NT, but NT just hangs when I try to
> install it on this machine and even the guys at M$ don't know why. They just
> say things like "Are you sure that this what's printed on the screen?" as if
> they don't know their own error messages. :)
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