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SubjectRe: What I suspect
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us Torvalds writes:
| On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, David S. Miller wrote:
| > It's not an odd event. It's a feature... Say you want to provide
| > your own special malloc, your strong "malloc" symbol now not only
| > overrides the global references to the "malloc" symbol in the binary
| > itself, but also all of those global references within libc too (and
| > all other shared libraries you load, even via dl_open()). If you want
| > to override any and all malloc activity (and this is useful for
| > malloc/free leak debuggers like electric fence for example) this
| > global weak overriding mechanism is the way it can be done.
| The above case you can KNOW at link-time. Your linker can (and will)

Say I want to enable malloc checking at runtime. I use LD_PRELOAD for
that... whoops! Doesn't work. In fact, the best I can hope for is complete
ineffectiveness: it is likely to cause complete breakage, if some things
use my LD_PRELOAD'ed malloc() et al. and others use the standard one.

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