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    SubjectRe: What I suspect
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > So I think it's a great notion, but it just sucks in real life. And it
    > wouldn't allow the interesting things like gettimeofday() that really only
    > the kernel can do: you can calibrate the clock in user space, but you
    > cannot do things like automatically re-calibrate after a suspend event
    > etc, which is critical on laptops and will be even more so with the new
    > dual-frequency coppermine CPU's from Intel... (were not only the base time
    > changes, but the frequency of the clock changes too).
    > There _are_ a lot of issues like this where the kernel really knows things
    > that user space can not easily know.

    Wouldn't you specify

    struct fast_time {
    volatile int jiffies;
    volatile int CPUspeed;
    volatile int time_base;

    such that the kernel can adjust these values whenever the "resume"
    event comes in?


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