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    SubjectRe: Linux headed for disaster?
    > Well, normally kernel should not depend on SMPness ( Solaris or Sequent
    > DYNIX/PTX).

    It does if you are a source based OS because we have the ability to use our
    source based nature to gain performance. spin_lock() takes 0 clocks on Linux
    non SMP. spin_lock_irqsave becomes about 3 instructions. This is good

    > The ind. binary format is a way to magnet such vendors. BTW Do we have a
    > statistics
    > how many vendors really wrote their drivers for Linux and public these source
    > codes ?
    > And how many did not ?

    Vendors I can think of off hand who have contributed driver code directly
    to Linux kernels - and this isnt counting those who gave engineering time, docs
    and hardware (eg Adaptec, Fujitsu etc) or those who just provided stuff for
    X11 etc

    Cyclades, Advansys, Acard, Computone, Intel, IBM, Compaq, Digi Intl,
    Sangoma, Syskonnect, GDT, DPT, HP, SGI, Creative Labs, SiS, Specialix,
    Stallion, SAP, CMI, Symbios(now LSI), Davicom, AMI ...

    And Im sure I missed some.

    > Well, windows is still alive B-). I have been looking a TV by using
    > a Matrox Marvel TV on Win 98. When Matrox would write a driver for LINUX ?

    Matrox provide a lot of documentation. Matrox help the XFree people. In cases
    where Matrox have problems with stuff they think is genuinely 'neat' and gives
    them an edge they've worked with the community to help.

    > The answer is NEVER B-(((. And I did not hear about a publication of full
    > specification of that card ( May be I am not right here ).

    I've not seen Marvel docs. It may be matrox actually bought it from someone else

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