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SubjectRe: Linux headed for disaster?

Alan Cox <> on 12/05/99 01:17:00 PM

To: (Kendall Bennett)
cc: (bcc: Sergey Tsybanov/San Jose/Memco

Subject: Re: Linux headed for disaster?

Alan Cox wrote:

>Not really. The binary format is dependant on compiler, architecture, SMPness
>and a dozen other things. The source is not.

Well, normally kernel should not depend on SMPness ( Solaris or Sequent
Also if we are talking about hardware drivers then where is dependence on
architecture by definition because hardware usally depends on architecture.
And there is the problem here. Interface between hardware and software is part
intellectual property. Some vendors don't want to share it with competitors.
To design a good interface is much harder than to implement an existing one.
The ind. binary format is a way to magnet such vendors. BTW Do we have a
how many vendors really wrote their drivers for Linux and public these source
codes ?
And how many did not ?

>Binary compatibility killed windows
>Windows 98 could have been a much nicer OS without back compatibility. I see
>no reason to kill Linux by re-enacting proprietary OS history with a free

Well, windows is still alive B-). I have been looking a TV by using
a Matrox Marvel TV on Win 98. When Matrox would write a driver for LINUX ?
The answer is NEVER B-(((. And I did not hear about a publication of full
specification of that card ( May be I am not right here ).

> Alan

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