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SubjectRe: NFS locking
> Hi!
> NFS locking does not seem to work with Linux clients and Solaris
> server. The fcntl locking request returns ENOLCK and in the kernel log
> the following lines are printed:
> Dec 7 15:58:27 bcica kernel: nsm_mon_unmon: rpc failed, status=-13
> Dec 7 15:58:27 bcica kernel: lockd: failed to monitor
> Locking does work on Solaris clients, with the same server.
> Should this work or not?

It should (and does, I just verified it last week, Solaris 2.6 server).

Likely you are missing statd on either or both machines. I'm guessing
that it's missing on the Solaris box as Sun's statd could be used to
exploit certain "features" of the automounter to gain root access unless
it was run as a user other than root. Recently, Sun released a patch
to fix this, however now statd will not start unless it is started by
root... Another possibility is a paranoid admin. Use rpcinfo to verify
that you can talk to statd and lockd on the server (and that the server
can talk to statd and lockd on your box).


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