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SubjectRe: spin_unlock optimization(i386)
Gerard Roudier wrote:
> In my opinion, 2 agents that write to the same location (current_state)
> without any synchronisation can only mess up any kind of ordering that
> applies to the view of all agents observing a single agent.

Speaking about messing up; also writing to 2 bytes located after each
other by 2 processors can mess up things. On a Sparc processor for

char dummy[2];

when processor 1 writes to dummy[0] at the same time as processor 2
writes to
dummy[1], you'll get into trouble.


Ehrm, I'm not sure why I wrote it down here since it has nothing to do
with the
thread. Sorry for that, probably my ego needing some boost.

Folkert van Heusden
some e-mail addresses:,
mobile phone: +31-6-22390057

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