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Subjectmemory detection problems: 2.0.x vs. 2.2.x
Dear All;

I have an odd 386 machine running a 2.0.33 kernel. This kernel boots
fine, and detects the correct amount of ram, as did many 2.0.x kernels
before it.
Recently, I needed the old beast for some tests, and it required a
2.2.x kernel. However, the 2.2.[12, 13] kernels that I tried detect
a strange large amount of ram and quickly have a general protection
fault. Using mem=xxxx solves the problem, but I am curious
why there should be a problem.
The only (relevant?) lines that differ on the good vs. bad boot are:

Memory: 5920k/7424k available (688k kernel code, 354k reserved, 432k data)

Memory: 37852k/39876k available (932k kernel code, 408k reserved, 652k data,
32k init)
Checking if the processor honors the WP bit even in supervisor mode... No

I can provide the panic dump, but dont see how that would help.
An explaination of why the 2.2.x kernels tested fail to detect the memory
correctly would be nice, and I am willing to do experiments to find out,
if anyone wants to suggest them.


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