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    SubjectRecent 2.3.x kernels hang on startup
    This question has been asked engines find it...but no

    Lately, kernels in the range 2.3.25 - 2.3.35 hang on startup or start
    while 2.2.13 works fine.

    The symptoms include

    hanging after the "starting init" message, but alt/sysrq keys work
    a stream of "VM killing process modprobe" messages
    one "VM kill process modprobe message" and then hang

    The later kernels hang hard, but ~2.3.31 put out the stream of messages

    My machine is a p3-266 uniprocessor, 64MB, ide disks, RH 6.0 with updates
    to RH 6.1 rpm's. Options in .config include initrd.

    ideas for what to try???


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