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SubjectRe: Can't hardlink in different dirs. (BUG#826)
Andrea Arcangeli writes:
> On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, Richard Gooch wrote:
> >Firstly, /tmp should be a separate partition anyway. Systems with /tmp
> >on the same FS as / (along with everything else :-() are
> >mis-configured.
> I disagree. It's mis-configured because right now you are using
> side-effects of hard limitations as features as it's the only way for you
> right now.
> From an fs point of view it make no sense at all to make /tmp in a
> separate fs if you don't need to play with quota or hardlinks.

See my other message where I explain why a separate FS for /tmp makes
sense. It's got nothing to do with hard links and quotas.

> >Frankly, I'm appalled. Andrea, you should know better. You're
> If everybody did a thing in a way and I am saying you that I like to
> change is exactly because I don't like such a way. It's not because
> I don't know the current way.

No, you misunderstand what I meant. Again, you've snipped relevant
context. Maybe this is because you don't actually read all of what
people are saying to you? Slow down and read every word. You may think
you're saving time, but you end up taking 5 times longer because
people have to repeat what they say a few times before it finally

I meant that you should know better than to propose a change that
conveys no real benefit (Al and I have explained, several times(!)
why) and that would adversely impact other users. You're proposing
something for your (perceived) convenience, at the expense of others.

You should know better that that's selfish. It's not a nice thing to

If you ever do/propose something that can adversely affect others,
think *very hard* if you really need to do what you want to do.



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