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SubjectRe: wait_on_irq, CPU1
On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Oleg Drokin wrote:

>Hmm? I thought that NMI oopser is only applicable to 2.3 kernels..

I am maintaining it as a separate patch (included into IKD) for 2.2.x.


The 2.2.x NMI oopser is more rudimental (it doesn't allow the timer irq to
scale in SMP) but it's simpler and it's equally useful :)

>But I see stack trace even without NMI oopser (from __global_cli)

That's the stack trace of the innocent CPU so it's not interesting.

Basically if you don't see `NMI watchdog deadlock etc..etc..` before the
Oops, and you instead see the `wait_on_irq` message, then press SYSRQ+P
lots of times and try to gather lots of EIP addresses.

>Or do you want to get trace from second CPU too?

Exactly, the buggy code is going to be the one running on the CPU that
doesn't show the stack trace.

>It is in BH handler. And I am suspect that it is in BH handler from serial...

We'll see :)


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