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    SubjectRe: [linux-fbdev] Re: Announce: DinX windowing system 0.2.0
    On Fri, Dec 24, 1999 at 09:18:34PM +0000, Alex Buell wrote:
    > > ...which is exactly what you want to do on small systems.
    > The only things missing are bindings for toolkits such as GTK, Motif
    > (hehe), which means you can write apps that runs both on X11 and DinX by
    > simply recompiling - a huge plus when contending with PDAs such as Psion
    > 5 and so on.

    Gtk support should be quite easy to do, at least easier than motif i think.

    Most work you have to do would be to adapt gdk, which is the part of gtk+
    which wrapps Xlib, or other graphics libs on other systems (like windows,
    beos, ...).

    And gdk is not very big.


    Sven LUTHER

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