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SubjectRe: PCI resource allocation (was Re: Ok, making ready for pre-2.4 and code-freeze..)

> I don't care as I don't use any of the generic bus resource assignment
> walking code, this way when it changes my port doesn't break
> needlessly. I can never use the generic code until various
> assumptions (unsigned char irq types, etc.) are removed from that
> code anyways.

I don't see any place in the generic PCI code which handles IRQ's as 8-bit
quantities except for do_pci_scan_bus() which deals with contents of the
interrupt line register anyway and the result can be happily overwritten
by the architecture fixup code.

Anyway, if you see any such problems, please try to find free time to tell
me about them, so that I can eliminate them. I'd like most architectures to move
to the generic PCI setup code during the 2.5 development cycle.

About the pci_assign_resource function I proposed: can this be implemented
easily on sparc64 or are there some obstacles I don't know about?

Have a nice fortnight
Martin `MJ' Mares <> <>
"If a train station is where the train stops, what is a work station?"

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