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SubjectRe: [linux-usb] Re: [patch] drivers/usb/usb.c: auto loading of USB bus driver
Hi Tim, Thomas.

>> I did just do that (about 3 hours ago). usb-uhci did not go
>> away. USB still works. Note I did not specify -k on the modprobe
>> command line.

> I think Alan's point is that you are then stuck with the usb
> stuff loaded even if nothing's using it. Usb is kind of a
> special case though, I guess.

> I can now see the problem with post-install rules, but I still
> find magic module aliases icky. One thing that crossed my mind
> was to make rmmod -a a bit smarter: if it notices that a module
> that sits above another (i.e. specified with the 'above' keyword
> in modules.conf) disappears, it could try to remove the lower
> module. But then that requires that everyone move to a version
> of modutils that (a) supports the 'above' keyword and (b) is
> smart about removing modules like that.

Surely a better option would be to have rmmod remove modules in
sequence, and not consider any module until it has already considered
all modules that module is used by. That would implicitly result in
the removal of the whole chain of modules rather than just the one at
the top as currently appears to be the case.

Best wishes from Riley.

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