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SubjectRe: [linux-usb] Re: [patch] drivers/usb/usb.c: auto loading of USB bus driver
Alan Cox wrote:
> > to putting post-install usbcore modprobe usb-uhci (or whatever)
> > into conf.modules?
> Then usb-uhci is unloaded after time, possibly when usbcore isnt. It doesn't
> get reloaded because usbcore is already loaded and USB stops working
> strangely for 5 or 10 minute periods.
> Dont go that way . The sound folks relied on it for a bit - its a mistake

I did just do that (about 3 hours ago). usb-uhci did not go away.
USB still works. Note I did not specify -k on the modprobe command line.

Do you know of any hot pluggable USB HCD's that can be bought right now?
If so which?

The general problem of hot pluggable pcidev's isn't solved right now,
it's not just a question of doing modprobe the right time...


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