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SubjectRe: Ok, making ready for pre-2.4 and code-freeze..
On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Rogier Wolff wrote:
> On Linux at least the errno value will be set to preposterous
> values, whenever you enter the "negative" area of "kmem".

what do you mean? On Linux lseek(2) takes offset as off_t which is
signed long (on x86) but I use it all the time passing very large values
(e.g. c481ad8c which is even above 3G not 2G) to dump out data structures
belonging to modules and it works just fine i.e. memory_lseek() method
takes loff_t offsets.

what are these "preposterous values" you are talking about? lseek(2) on
large offsets in /dev/kmem does not return -1 which is what I check for
and if something does not return -1 we are not supposed to check errno.

Perhaps you meant that lseek(2) returns 0 on those offsets? errno does not
matter as 0 is not an error case.


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