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SubjectRe: GDTH driver in 2.3.33
On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Sergey Kubushin wrote:

> I'm ready to make any test required to get the gdth driver fixed. Any
> ideas?

Capture the oops. 2.3 has serial console support as well as parallel port
console support -- just plug a printer in and.. oh, that reminds me:

Index: linux/Documentation/serial-console.txt
diff -u linux/Documentation/serial-console.txt: linux/Documentation/serial-console.txt:1.2
--- linux/Documentation/serial-console.txt: Fri Sep 24 23:01:37 1999
+++ linux/Documentation/serial-console.txt Mon Dec 20 15:48:21 1999
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
device: tty0 for the foreground virtual console
ttyX for any other virtual console
ttySx for a serial port
+ lp for the first parallel port

options: depend on the driver. For the serial port this
defines the baudrate/parity/bits of the port,
Miquel, I'm copying you on this because your name is at the bottom of that

At the moment console=lp causes console writes to go to parport0 -- is it
going to be worth me putting in the extra logic to make things like
console=lp1 work?


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