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    SubjectRe: Fix for ide problems in 2.2.14pre15
    Mark Lord wrote:
    > Okay,
    > Here is a patch that fixes all of the IDE trouble
    > I can find/reproduce from 2.2.14pre15 (including the multwrite bugs):
    > -- completely restores the multwrite and write behaviour
    > back to what was in 2.2.13 (two very subtle one-liners).
    > -- fixes the unsigned<=0 comparisms (day-1 bug in IDE).
    > -- fixes a problem I found today whereby two IDE interfaces
    > sharing a PCI interrupt get confused when using PIO mode
    > (was never an issue for DMA transfers, which is why most
    > users never see this problem).
    > I don't know if it completely fixes Petri's system or not,
    > but he should give it a try.
    > Is anyone out there still having IDE trouble once this patch
    > is applied to a fresh 2.2.14pre15 ??
    > Alan -- I'll be away for a bit beginning tomorrow
    > (I've already delayed the trip 36 hours to work on this problem).
    > I can read/reply email, but won't have access to the machine
    > I used to reproduce the multwrite bugs.

    The multwrite errors are gone. Thank you.

    I hesitate to bring this up but, after about 6 hours of using pre15+patch,
    named coughed up some errors, dumped core, and died. When I tried to see what
    was going on, I got some "No processes avalable" messages and then the system
    stabilized. I have never seen either of these things happen before. Normally,
    I wouldn't think it's IDE related but you never know.

    Also, your patch wants to go 9 lines earlier for me. I unpacked a fresh 2.2.13
    and applied all the patches and I get the same result. I don't know if it's

    So, strategic sweet spots are not going to align an user-friendly
    drop dead date. The customer zero bug count empowers lightweight
    method of empowerment, so the resources attack the problem of the
    win-win standards.

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