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SubjectRe: RasterMan on linux and threads
* Matthew Kirkwood ( wrote:
> I found Raster's posts hard to read, because they were
> under-punctuated, under-capitalised and badly mistyped
> in a way that led me to believe that he was not having
> trouble spelling, but merely that he valued his time and
> effort in making a legible message over that of the L-K
> subscribers who expended considerable effort in deciphering
> it. That being the case, it's no better than posting
> untrimmed, unwrapped, jeapordy-quoted HTML asking about
> ncurses.

Dude. Re-prioritise. Big time :)

I'd rather read mail from someone who types hard and fast (because
they're busy coding), than mail from someone who has nothing better to
do than mock other peoples spelling or literary skills in a negative
and unconstructive way.

The topic was interesting and important, and I for one was interested
in finding out the answer to the question "exactly how does the
scheduler prioritise?" Its actually something that people coding in
threads need to know.

You did not contribute to the discussion in any positive way, and it
is lucky for you the person you attacked is *not* dyslexic or
somesuch, for you would feel very small indeed :-)

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