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SubjectRe: [Fwd: Dual Celery on BP6]
It would seem that Mike Frisch ( said:
> It also should be noted again that the AGPset is easily capable of 100MHz
> FSB as it is part of the BX chipset. Why it's presenting a problem on the
> BP6 is beyond me.

It's capable of 100MHz as long as you meet the cooling requirements.
With two cpus, the chipset is required to do almost twice as much work.
The heat has to go somewhere...

> I have heard nothing about 'official' 100MHz FSB Celerons. Are you
> referring to the Coppermine chips?
There are no new 100 MHz celerons now, or in the immediate future.
Intels roadmaps say something like Q3 2000. Obviously, they're going
to have to push that up a bit.

Also, abit has stated that the bp6 won't work with ppga coppermines
as they don't meet the voltage spec.

My bp6 2x366 box locks up solid with a mean period of about one week.
I really wish I could tell if it's my hardware or the kernel choking
the chicken. Anyone want to lend me a 32 channel high speed logic


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