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SubjectRe: SCSI or multi processor problem

Hi, (Pierre-Gilles Mialon) writes:

> Now I have a Redhat 6.1 with 2.2.13 kernel, I compile it with the
> tekram's patch. But since I have Linux ( jully), I always have trouble
> with it... In fact it's rare that my computer work more than 12 hours
> without big problem (I mean no ctrl alt F?, no mouse, nothing)

I have the same kind of problems here. I have been looking for a
broken piece of hardware, but this might be a software problem after
all. I really don't know.

Hardware is a dual celeron 433, 128 Mb RAM, Tekram DC390F, two NE2000
clones (one PCI and one ISA), Matrox Marvel G200 (but the PC used to
crash with an S3 Trio 64V+, too), Opti 82C930-based sound card (MAD16
clone), two hard drives (one UW-SCSI IBM DDRS-34560D and one UDMA33
Seagate), IDE CD-ROM (an old 4x Hitachi drive). I have tried kernels
from around 2.2.12 to 2.2.14pre12 without patches from Tekram (only
Andre Hedrick's IDE patch on recent 2.2.14pre* kernels).

The machine works well for 12 hours to 10 days, usually about 6-8
days, then locks up completely : no keyboard (the num lock led doesn't
light up, no Alt-SysRq-* combo), no mouse, no network... Well, the
audio CD continues playing :-)

Crashes usually happen when I am running X (Gnome, XEmacs,
Netscape... Quite heavy software), during intensive disk activity on
the SCSI drive : as far as I remember, it always happen when feeding
quite large UUCP batches to my news server (the whole /usr and /var
filesystem trees are located on the SCSI disk, as well as a swap
partition). So I *guess* the SCSI card is at fault, but I don't know
for sure. Well, when the machine locks up, I am usually listening to
audio CD, too, but I do most of the time, so I cannot really tell if
it makes a difference.



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