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    SubjectRe: [Fwd: Dual Celery on BP6]
    On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Ted Sikora wrote:

    > No. All original... your case design may be a factor. I have an Enlight

    Most definitely... I have a small case (by choice) and no auxilliary fans
    (aside from the CPU fans and the powers upply fan). I am going back to a
    single, non-overclocked CPU in an effort to keep ambient noise down.

    > Very possible but if it gets errors at 66Mhz I would say the chip is out
    > of spec. From experience I would say *every* Celeron should clock at
    > 75Mhz effortlessly, error free. The 400 being the best for higher
    > speeds. Intels design spec is pretty much maxed out at 450 for the
    > Celeron I was told.

    It also should be noted again that the AGPset is easily capable of 100MHz
    FSB as it is part of the BX chipset. Why it's presenting a problem on the
    BP6 is beyond me.

    > *100Mhz* I was a little dissappointed today. I opened a package
    > we got yesterday assuming the new 100FSB Celerons were there. Our
    > distributor put them on the order sheet so I ordered a few assuming they
    > were out. Thats the only place they exist I guess... the order sheet. I
    > guess were all stuck with 300A and 366A's for 100FSB once again.

    I have heard nothing about 'official' 100MHz FSB Celerons. Are you
    referring to the Coppermine chips?


    Mike Frisch Email:
    Northstar Technologies WWW:
    Newmarket, Ontario, CANADA

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