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SubjectRe: RasterMan on linux and threads
On 17 Dec, Alan Cox scribbled:
-> > hmm - so if i do short bursted threads ( approx < 0.1 seconds each on
-> > average i guess ) will he get scheduled across spuc or be weighted to
-> If the other cpus are idle they will get cross scheduled yes. The mm affinity
-> weighting doesn't beat idle processors. Also keep the threads around rather
-> than killing them all the time as its faster not to keep creating new threads
-> even though that is fast

excellent - so i coudl get a speedup on smp boxes... tiem to write and
benchmark... now i just have the problm of keping threads around...
sinbce it's meant to be transparent to the calling process (the callign
process need not know anything about threads.. the lib figures the best
number of threads and handles creating them etc.) ... i'll porbabl;y
have to adda flush_threads(); call to delete any idle threads if the
callign process ownt need to do any rendering for a while...

--------------- Codito, ergo sum - "I code, therefore I am" --------------------
The Rasterman (Carsten Haitzler)

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