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    SubjectRe: [security] Big problem on 2.0.x? (fwd)
    On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Pedro M. Rodrigues wrote:

    > While i dont think that a 2.0.39 with just this fix is a good idea (i
    > agree with Alan Cox that only external vulnerabilities should be a
    > reason for a new version) i believe some sort of revision of the 2.0.X
    > kernels once in a while is a good idea. I myself have in production
    > environment four 2.0.X machines, but i am very forward minded, so
    > i can only guess how many exist in the rest of the world with
    > people more conservative than me. Of course the important thing
    > here is that such work could only be implemented under strict rules
    > and guidance from Alan Cox, but always releasing him and others
    > from the dirty work that is understandably frowned upon by them.

    My idea isn't to ONLY fix this one, but also fixup some other things.
    However, I'll probably drop a pre-patch 1 in some direction soon (I guess
    that'd be to Alan?), and that one will probably only contain this fix
    together with some documentation updates and maybe some other small

    I will release more pre-patches as my reviewing of the patch-log/bug-log
    Alan sent me progresses.

    > So, if things go that way, i am willing to give my help to David
    > Weinehall and others.


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    // David Weinehall <> /> Northern lights wander \\
    // Project MCA Linux hacker // Dance across the winter sky //
    \> </ Full colour fire </

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