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SubjectRe: [security] Big problem on 2.0.x? (fwd)
> Could you tell me about the other known bugs privately? I don't care at

I think they are all public anyway. The major 2.0.x bugs left are

o Obscure race causing very occasional tcp socket free while in use
causing crash in sock_wmalloc and similar
o "BUG copied...." in TCP (harmless)
o Cannot configure shared memory limits to avoid overcommits
o TCP blind spoofing vulnerabilities
o CLONE_PID needs stopping from user space
o Incomplete locking for threaded apps (notably versus file locking)
o TCP memory leak somewhere. I think Chris Wedgewood may have found this
o PS/2 can load and then fail to init. Accessing psaux then crashes
o Can't boot on an old old Cyrix/TI CPU (ditto with 2.2 I think). The
code turns on the cpuid flag but doesnt then check to see if CPUID
is now available so reboots when it calls cpuid
o Quota races
o Very occasional NFS crashes with "evil packet..."
o IDE geometry bugs as 2.2 had

Needs lots of driver updates (aic etc). I have archived mails about these
including patches in some cases

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