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SubjectANNOUNCE: Kernel Journal

The Kernel Journal is at

It tracks this list and extracts announcements of kernel-related projects.
I'm gradually extending the number of projects it is aware of, but it's not
yet complete. I'd really appreciate it if anyone who posts regular on-topic
announcements of kernel related projects, could get in touch with me so I
can include those announcements in Kernel Journal.

So far, the projects included are:

* Encryption HOWTO
* devfs
* devfsd
* Alan's kernel pre-releases
* fairsched
* kernel profiling module
* lvm
* man-pages
* modutils
* nfs-utils
* speakup
* strace

as you can see, it's not even close to complete. Right now I'm keeping very
careful track by eye of everything that comes through the list, so I should
catch anything new that comes in, but any help I get will definitely speed
things up.


Zack Brown, Developer Services Editor, Linuxcare, Inc.
tel: 1-415-354-4878x284, fax: 1-415-701-7457,
Linuxcare. At the center of Linux.

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