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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.14pre13
    On Mon, Dec 13, 1999 at 11:18:31PM +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
    > Ok this mops up the remaining bug reports and fixes. I still have a few
    > pending unresolved bugs but not enough to worry about.

    If I use both hdparm -m16 and -u1 my virtual memory gets corrupted in
    2.2.14pre13. It's ok if either I don't use ide block mode or if I don't
    unmask interrupts. I run two memtest processes (by Simon Kirby) on the
    console so that the machine swaps constantly and in a couple of minutes
    either one of them reports a memory error. No X nor modem in use. With
    kernel 2.2.13 there are no problems.

    This is a 486 with ide in PIO mode (IBM-DTTA-350840).

    I guess this is the same problem as I reported earlier. When I have X, ppp
    and netscape running while swapping, I get oopses in end_that_request_first.
    It's also ok if I don't use ide block mode. And it's ok with 2.2.13 even
    when I both use ide block mode and unmask interrupts.

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