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    SubjectRe: [fix] Re: 2.3.31 (and 2.3.32pre2) breaks cpp with segmentation fault (ok in 2.3.30), reproducable (mremap problem???)
    On Tue Dec 14 1999, Benjamin C.R. LaHaise wrote:

    [sig 11's with 2.3.31 and above]
    > Here's the fix that works for a couple of other people who have triggered
    > the problem.

    > diff -ur clean/2.3.32/mm/mremap.c 2.3.32/mm/mremap.c
    > --- clean/2.3.32/mm/mremap.c Wed Dec 8 22:14:20 1999
    > +++ 2.3.32/mm/mremap.c Tue Dec 14 10:31:46 1999

    Yep, this fixes the errors, now all compiles fine without any sig 11.
    At least building ppp_deflate went ok, now I'll try building perl
    and the latest gcc to see what happens, but I'm quite shure that
    they will also build ok.

    I want to thank you for spending your time to find and fix the problem, I
    hope this fix will go into the next pre-patch.

    -- Heinz.

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