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Subjectuserfs.txt - prevent people from reinventing the wheel
--- clean/Documentation/filesystems/00-INDEX	Sat Dec 11 21:42:57 1999
+++ linux/Documentation/filesystems/00-INDEX Sun Dec 12 22:23:57 1999
@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@
- info and mount options for the UDF filesystem.
- info on the ufs filesystem.
+ - info on putting filesystems into userland
- info on the umsdos extensions to the msdos filesystem.
--- /dev/null Sun Jun 27 13:16:23 1999
+++ linux/Documentation/filesystems/userfs.txt Sun Dec 12 22:25:33 1999
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+ Userfs
+ ~~~~~~
+So you are looking for userfs and wondering why there's no fs/userfs?
+Well, that's simple. Userfs went into kernel in 2.1.X time, but it was
+code-named coda.
+Kernel support for coda has nothing to do with networked
+filesystem. It is simple, file-based filesystem which depends on
+userland program (called Venus) to do networking. Therefore, if you
+kill venus and replace it with something else, you have almost perfect
+Kernel coda support has two weak spots:
+* its granularity is one file (which makes it pretty simple, but
+ renders it unusable for audiofs)
+* you can not have more different userland programs at same time
+ (which makes it impossible to use real coda and podfuk at same time)
+...anyway, it is enough for most uses. I have ftp, tar, zip (and many
+more) filesystems available in package called podfuk, available at
+, source is
+only 600 lines and is much simpler than venus.
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