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SubjectRe: [patch] fastcall-2.3.32-B6, SYSENTER/SYSEXIT support

> We want to AVOID that kind of chaos - we do not want to have different
> ways of doing the same things that offer slight advantages over each over.
> In short, it is NOT WORTH IT to speed up system calls by 150 cycles unless
> it's a clean and good interface. People should wake up to the realitites
> here: most system calls take on the order of thousands of cycles, and the
> benchmarks that have been quoted in this discussion are mostly completely
> and utterly irrelevant to ANYTHING.
> Who cares how fast you can do "getpid()"? NOBODY. It's meaningless.

Well, read from cached file is _not_ meaningless, still Ingo seen
improvements on that.

> Guys, this is final. Look at the bigger picture, instead of being
> enamoured with a cool feature.
> If you want to speed up a system call, make the ONE system call you
> concentrate on be "gettimeofday()". And realize that you don't even

I think you should concentrate on read(), write() and select()
syscalls. Those are the ones done often.

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