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SubjectRe: Bash Issues

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Khimenko Victor wrote:

> > pseudo-graphics. And believe me, lots of DOS programs were butt-ugly on
> > (e.g.) Cyrillic charsets.
> No, they are not. Mostly. DOS world are using cp866 where all graphs are in

Victor, meet Pravetz. Pravetz, meet Victor. Victor, look into the guts of
the FPOS. See something that resembles CGA. Yup, no friggin' way to change
the font. Yup, it clashes with pseudo-graphics. Now, for the next member
of panopticum: ES-1841. Aaarggh...

Moral: there was a reason why Alt got its name. The whole situation with
encodings was a mess - I can recall 4 from the top of my head and that's
before the cp12<something>. OTOH it might be much worse - trust me, you
don't want to know how the hybrid between RADIX-50 and cyrillic looked

Now, what I would like to know is the name of person who keeps insisting
that iso8859-5 is One True Way(tm). May he implement the full OSI stack
and be forced to use it.

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