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SubjectRe: [patch] fastcall-2.3.32-B6, SYSENTER/SYSEXIT support
In article <>,
Richard Gooch <> wrote:

>Yeah, the standard syscall interface, as I mentioned. This isn't so
>bad, as we need to support the standard interface for a long time
>anyway. Otherwise we break binary compatibility for *everything*.
>Red rag to David Parsons ;->

I'd *much* rather see massive breaking of everything under the sun
instead of the gradual nibbling-to-death-by-ducks approach that's
currently happening. A wholescale breaking of interfaces to weed
out the legacy code[1] may be for the better because (now that Linux
is a Real Serious(tm) operating system) most of the user base uses
tinned distributions and won't notice anything aside from the usual
shimming of compatability libraries, most of the rest of the userbase
will simply upgrade everything in sight to the latest and greatests,
and those few heretics who still use a.out[2] will simply rev libc 4
to libc 7 and cross their fingers that the compatability layer won't

david parsons \bi/ [1: code older than six months.]
\/ [2: That would be me.]

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