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    SubjectRe: sym53c8xx oops in 2.3.32pre2
    Steve Dodd <> writes:

    > On Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 04:28:27PM +0000, Paul Flinders wrote:
    > > > Which filesystem did you try to mount?
    > >
    > > I'm pretty certain that NTFS is the culprit
    > I'm rather horrified^Wsurprised to find that NTFS builds in any vaguely
    > modern 2.3. I thought it needed some major surgery w.r.t. the page cache.
    > Has someone fixed it? (I've been kind of out of the loop recently, I'm
    > afraid)

    You're probably right. Emprically it works well enough readonly in
    2.3.21 (the kernel I have on my machine at work and I know that it's
    survived a couple of "find"s over the whole of my NTFS partition in
    the last week) but I note the write code (which is horribly broken
    anyway) still uses update_vm_cache. My home machine _had_ got 2.3.26
    on it but, thinking about it, I doubt that I've done any more than
    mount the filesystem - anyway it doesn't even mount in .31 (and it
    leaves a corrupt entry in the super_blocks list which then hoses the
    whole machine because sync fails).

    It _has_ been fixed for the 64bit arithmetic problems so the corpse is
    still twitching a bit if nothing else.

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