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    Subjectvesafb on archs !ia32 [Re: Calling VESA BIOS routines from kernel?]
    On Sun, 12 Dec 1999, Gerd Knorr wrote:

    >Other options are: play tricks with vm86. Use a cpu emulator. XFree86 4.0
    >does the later to boot secondary vga's for multiheaded displays and initialize
    >vga boards on !ia32 hardware.

    Should I implement an IA32 emulator in the kernel in order to use the
    vesafb video driver with my PC card I have on the alpha? Wasn't vesa just
    a framebuffer mode that should work all over the place? I don't care about
    palette/powersaving and so on. At boot I only want to tell the card
    "switch to graphic mode 778 and allow me write my data to the
    framebuffer". I can't believe I'll have to write an IA32 emulator into the
    kernel to do that (on sane hardware I would achieve the switch with a pair
    of writel() in the MMIO I think).


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