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SubjectRe: Kernel panics when using 64MB+ RAM
Hmm.. New software, will this mail get to you ???

If you have 2 SIMMs in your system, swap them round, then boot with mem=64M.
If there is a memory problem this should find it!!!


Marius Aamodt Eriksen wrote:
> Hi,
> I've had a problem with my system, it goes like this:
> When I boot the system with my full amount of RAM (128 MB), it always crashes (at one point of another), a complete freezeup rather. It complaints about "Ther kernel is not able to handle null pointer at virtual address..." Sometimes, even MagicSysrq fails to save my day with this error. However, if I boot with 64MB RAM (linux mem=64M) the system works perfectly. First I thought it might have been some bad RAM, but somehow I doubt that would lock up the whole system, it just seems unlikely, especially with thought to how Linux is designed.
> Can anyone cast some light over this?
> TIA,
> Marius.
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