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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Serial driver size reducing (2.3.29)
       Date:   Fri, 10 Dec 1999 22:44:11 -0500
    From: Jeff Garzik <>

    I don't see where this is a problem. API functions, ie. those that will
    get called from other modules, are broken if they are marked __init.
    >From what I've seen, converting various modules to use the new
    module_init/exit, there have not been any problems with overzealous
    __init usage. The problem is generally completely lack of __init{data}

    The behavior and logic of __init{data}-related code should be exactly
    the same, whether code is compiled as a module vs. compiled into the

    Well, for example, in a set of patches given to me, a structure which is
    needed when the driver is loaded/initialized and unloaded was marked as
    __initdata. This was perfectly safe, because compiled-in kernel drivers
    are never unloaded, and currently, for modules __initdata is ignored.

    If at some point __initdata was honored for modules, then when it came
    time to unload the module --- oops! System crash.

    - Ted

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