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SubjectRe: Windows 9x and RFC1323
   Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 02:58:48 -0800
From: "Jeffrey B. Siegal" <>

If so, fine. I can see the justification for it, but its a
dangerous decision that should be made carefully.

It's not dangerous, and it's a pretty simple decision.
Turning it off will have a domino result:

1) Linux turns it off by default
2) Nobody except rare souls who turn it on will find
3) Vendors of buggy systems won't get any problem reports
about their SACK implementation
4) SACK may as well have not been created in the first place

And the fact that absolutely _nobody_ has provided any tcpdump
traces of failed or misbehaving connections keeps me from even
knowing if SACK is really the core problem. I can't even know
whether Linux is the real culprit or not without this debugging

David S. Miller

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