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    SubjectRe: timer_bh behaviour incorrect for 2.2.13?
    On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Ingo Molnar wrote:

    >what i ment was that i think that this is physically impossible. Since
    >local interrupts are disabled, even with the worst cache-miss and TLB-miss
    >scenario possible, it's impossible for the above big chunk of code to
    >execute just inbetween those two others.

    What about your NMI in 2.3.x?

    I agree that looks physically impossible in 2.2.x IA32 but it doesn't look
    impossible in 2.3.x IA32 without disabling the NMI watchdog.

    More in general I don't write SMP code assuming that both cpus runs at the
    same speed. I assume that every CPU can stop for some time at any time for
    any reason. I consdier depending on the timings as a race. The common code
    doesn't run only IA32. Of course I agree that the single __cli is fine for
    testing in 2.2.13.


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