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    SubjectRe: linux interrupt handling problem
    > > This doesn't work without an interrupt controller.
    > > You forget that the interrupt has to be acknowledged, so you have to
    > > disable interrupts before this and enable them within do_stuff()
    > > explicitly again, that makes writing interrupt handler more complex and
    > > destroys interrupt perfomance again.
    > >
    > It works fine without an interrupt controller. It works in the Power PC.
    > Please look at the dispatch handler in ../arch/ppc/kernel/irq.c.

    It depends a lot on your architecture. On some Mac68K boxes for example
    we have no full IRQ masking facility except the CPU, and level triggered
    irqs. So the moment you unmask an IRQ you get the irq and you cannot drop
    the IRQ level in a handler until the irq cause is cleared.

    It makes it umm.. fun

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