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    SubjectRe: toplevel Makefile bug and simple fix
    Ted wrote:

    > > Note, though, that it is **very** important that /usr/include/linux and
    > > /usr/include/asm correspond to the default kernel that you are booting.

    Fortunately, no. Otherwise one would have to recompile all programs
    before booting a new kernel.

    Alan wrote:

    > I'm not convinced /usr/include/linux is sufficient. Perhaps we need
    > a more explicit naming ?

    You are too brief - sufficient for what?

    I have contemplated the following change:
    Everywhere in the kernel, replace

    #include <linux/foo.h>
    #include <kernel/foo.h>

    and rename linux/include/linux to linux/include/kernel.
    Now create a new directory linux/include/linux, look for the
    public interfaces that the outside world should see, and
    create files <linux/bar.h> containing these public interfaces,
    probably included by <kernel/foo.h>.

    Of course this is mainly psychology, but it might help:
    Changes to <linux/bar.h> (perhaps other than additions)
    are serious things, while changes to <kernel/foo.h> are
    routine kernel development.


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