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SubjectRe: toplevel Makefile bug and simple fix
> There are, of course, technical difficulties in trying to distribute
> hardware-specific files separately from the kernel (dependency detection,
> hardware detection, patches from one version to another), and developmental
> difficulties in ensuring enough people check to make sure things compile
> with various subsets of the extension packages, but "it sure would be nice"

People won't check. Nor will drivers get updated in a timely manner.

> to download a .tar.bz2 that's about 5 MB and have it fetch another few
> megabytes of drivers automatically once I configure the kernel I want to
> build.

The GPL allows you to offer such a service - for example a web site that
allows you to click on the general areas you have and then fires you a
tar file of just the needed areas.

The single big tar/patch is the right model for the development, but you
can go provide a service to others if you think it helps them.


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