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I first will describe my hardware:
* Intel Celeron (Mendocino) 466MHz (not overclocked)
* ABIT BX6 1.0 Motherboard with a PIIX4 IDE Interface(think it is like that)
* IBM Deskstar 5400RPM, 8,4 GB, UDMA, 1027 Cylinders, splitted into 2
partitions. The first partition (hda1) is at 6GB (750 Cylinders) and the
other (hda2) is at 2GB. At hda1 i got windows and at hda2 i got Linux ext2
* 2 CDROMS (I had these CDROM's out when i tested)
* 1 EPOX Converter from Socket 370 to Slot 1.
* 64 MB PC100 RAM
* 235Watt Aopen HX85 Housing..
* A 17" Goldstar 1725 monitor
* Leadtek S320II Riva TNT2 32MB SGRAM, TVOUT
* One ISA NE2000 networkcard
* One soundcard ESS 688.

My problem is :
When i try to mount my partitions my screen goes totaly blank (in standby
mode, it doesn't get any signal from the graphic card). Just in the moment i
push enter (mount /dev/hda2 /mnt) the screen goes blank (i do this from a
bootdisk). Then I move that harddrive to another computer (A AMD K6-2
333MHz, Super 7 motherboard MSI (Microstar) 5169, 32MB RAM (i had the 64
once to)) the partitions work perfectly. Windows runs fine. The harddisk
hasn't any viruses. But when i got the HDD in the Celeron i can't run in
linux, because directly as it schould mount the drive it goes totaly black.
And if i want to mount my windows partition on the same harddrive it
happends the same. I have tested with kernel version, 2.2.9 (own compiled),
2.0.35 (Slackware 3.6 net.i), 2.2.13 (Slackware 7.0 net.i), and 2.2.13
(Slackware 7.0 bareapm.i).
I have tested with this:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda (and hda2)
and then refdisked it, but it gets the same fault, blank screen.
And when i try to make a ext2 filesystem on the drive it blank screens too
(mke2fs /dev/hda2(when i have booted up with bootdisks)). It works in
windows, so maybe bad support for the IDE Controller (it stands PIIX4: and
Triton.. ) but i don't think that. The processor isn't overclocked. And i
have tested to mount this partitions (hda1 and hda2) and it blankscreens
every time just after i hit enter. Fdisk doesn't report any fault. I have
disabled as much i could in BIOS of the APM settings. Please reply to


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